Top 14 Jokes and Riddles Pictures
 The mother is 21 years older than the son. 6 years from now, the son will be 5 times younger than the mother, Where is the father?
 Who am I? People use me everyday some earn the trust of others by giving me but are unable to go by me of mouth am a marketing tool without me the world would be chaos my first letter is twice you
 Why did the broom get such poor grades in school?
 In a marathon race what does the winning runner?
 Why is the music teacher so good at baseball?
 Funny Though for the day
 Knock Knock Jokes
 Because he didn't have any Body to go with!
 Finally, the Blonde joke to end all blonde Joke
 I am found in the sea and on land but i do not walk or swim
 Why English is hard to learn Funny
 Funny Questions
 Knock , Knock Funny Jokes
It keeps you nice and very neat, has lots of teeth, but cannot eat


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