Top 14 Racist Jew Jokes
How many Jew does it take to kill Hitler? Apparently not 6 Million
Give presents to Kids from Around the World, Skips the Jews
When did being Jewish Jewish stop being a religion and start being a race?
They will win!
I was going to make a Hitler Joke, But Jew would Nazi the Humor in it
Why did Hitler hate the Jews? Because he was a Racist
How much did? The Holla Cost ?
How was copper wire invented? Two Jews pulling at a Penny
Jokes about African Americans are Racist. Jokes about Whites and Jews are Funny
Don't Jewish , Your girlfriends was hot like me?
If a Jew gets High , is it offensive to call him baked?
Jewish people make me feel like, I'm on the Forrest Moon of Endor
Suddenly Jews
How is you home work Anne? This problem is so difficult, you need more concentration , Oh Jew!


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